Losing Nuka


An infamous underground fight club for magically-gifted Defectives, Litmus is where you find out what you're made of.  

That's exactly what twenty-one-year-old Nuka James wants most; to discover who she really is. Called the "walking microwave" by her friends, Nuka is Defective and has the ability to manipulate heat. 

Raised by adoptive parents, she has spent the last three years searching for her birth mother. She finds more than she expected when her search leads her to Litmus, and she discovers that her mother is the leader of one of five Litmus fighting teams. Now Nuka must fight - literally - to win her mother's affection. As a Litmus fighter, Nuka stands to win money, fame, glory ... maybe even love. If she can survive to enjoy it.

Nuka joins the fight to prove she's worthy. But can she win her mother's approval without losing herself? 


Protecting William


All Will wants to do, just for one night is to forget about responsibility and obligation. He wants to go out, have fun, and enjoy being a regular teenager; to forget he has the surname Daniels. Maybe that's why his older sister, Nuka, ran away and hasn't been seen since - the family pressure breathing down her neck got too much.

Sneaking out with his best friend, Seth, Will finds himself in the depths of the exclusive underground fight club, Litmus. The plan was to watch. The plan definitely wasn't to compete. Finding Nuka among the competitors changes that.


Saving Illyana

When Illyana is abducted right under the noses of her extremely powerful family, the only question Illyana can't find an answer to is why.

To survive, she’s given two choices—both of which compromise the morals she's been raised with.

Can Illyana get herself out before she becomes collateral damage?

**Saving Illyana is Upper YA and recommended for those over the age of 15 due to swearing**