Born to hate each other. Destined to kill. Fated to fall in love.

 Hunting werewolves runs in Shelby’s blood, but as the daughter of infamous charter leader Dominic Archer, she’s expected to give up hunting and raise a family as soon as she finds a worthy pure blood hunter to marry. Shelby is determined to prove to her father she’s more than a breeder. She gets that opportunity when she meets Easton Blaez, a werewolf on the run.

All Easton wants is to protect his sister. He has no choice but to hide in the most unlikely of places: a town full of hunters. Striking a deal with Shelby is his last-ditch effort to stay alive. The deal is simple: spare Easton and his sister in exchange for the location of their pack.

Shelby knows better than to negotiate with a wolf. But this deal—and Easton himself—may be more than she can resist.

**Release dates still TBA, but be assured when book one hits the shelves, books two and three will follow closely after. I'm not releasing book one into the wild before book three is written.**

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